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Jan 22, 2013 6:00am EST
. that includes 7 cents a share of negative impact about a because of superstorm sandy, because of those recovery efforts. what was the estimate, joe? >> i mean, the number that they're -- that we're seeing reported by reuters are -- i don't know whether that's yearly or what, but they're taughting fourth quarter of 1.48. >> fourth quarter, 38 cents. >> i saw that, but -- >> even with the seven cents back in, the estimate was 50 cents. >> this must have a lot on other stuff in it. the one that is sitting on the wire. we're getting some news from the company itself. but yeah, there is a -- does that include did they sell something or have a big gain? they might have. what did you -- >> 38 is what they say, plus the 7 cents. >> that is still below. >> below what the street would have been looking for and -- >> i doubt if they're going miss by -- you know, as stable a company as verizon is -- >> although the company is saying they were positioning themselves for growth in 2013. the story is the verizon sees opportunities in the fourth quarter to improve profits for 2013 means they probably threw a l
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am EST
costs and to super storm sandy, the telecoms are only at 44 cents a share. revenue and subscriber growth, they were better than expected as the company sold 8.6 million iphones. at&t pays a big subsidy after it sells. but over the long-term, they are expected these iphones to help things out. ceo randall stevensson says the company is eyes oversees growth opportunities. if you take a look at shares at at&t, that stock at this point trading at 33.75. >> at&t, that stock is a 5% yielder. 5.3%. let's get to andrew at the world economic forum. and he seemed like he was champing at the bit to get this news out. and i'm not really sure what -- >> it better be good. >> first of all, it's a busy day here in davos. we have a big show for you. we have lloyd blank fine coming up at 8:00. those are the big things happen here on squawk. we also have. >> news for you, mario draghi making some comments that a lot of people are paying attention to this morning. an upbeat speech he gave, pretty optimistic. some people calling it a bit of a mystery lap, talking about a possibly recovery starting six month
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am EST
the prior year. the company cited a variety of factors including the fiscal cliff and hurricane sandy. >> the d.c. district u.s. court of appeals ruled that president obama's nlrb recess appointments, which were already controversial in 2012, were not only controversial but unconstitutional. our next guest is demanding that they resign from their posts. senator mike johanns joins us now with more on the letter that he wrote to the cfp and the nlrb calling for immediate resignation. senator, did you get an answer? >> i have not gotten an answer yet. hopefully i do and i hope they do step down. >> what is the likelihood that it's appealed to the supreme court? >> you know, i do think there's a likelihood. although the risk that the president has at this point is if he appeals can the decision get worse? that's always a debate that goes on. but the end result here is it's almost redundant to ask them to resign because they're there illegally. the court side so. >> how do you -- how would it get worse? because this court took a much broader ruling than people had anticipated. this was not
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3